KITO PWB's unique lifting solution

2021-11-25 07:39:14 By : Ms. Freda GUO

Learn more about KITO PWB’s unique assembly workshop in the Manufacturer Monthly.   

KITO PWB is Australia's largest chain and material handling solutions expert, with more than 98 years of experience in the Australian market. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of KITO Corporation. KITO Corporation is a world-renowned crane manufacturer with its global headquarters in Japan and operations in more than 50 countries around the world.  

As a recognized market leader and innovator, KITO PWB provides lifting solutions for many industries, including manufacturing, clean room, agriculture, transportation, infrastructure, defense, marine, mining, construction, natural resources, clean energy, entertainment, Shipbuilding, manufacturing, food, beverage and aviation.  

KITO PWB prides itself on providing strong technical expertise. Its employees are keen to develop customized, high-quality, robust and safe lifting solutions for various applications and needs, hoping to provide end users with maximum performance and higher Efficiency results.  

At KITO PWB, the company prides itself on its ability to design customized solutions.   

"Customized products allow us to provide high-quality products that meet the needs of our customers now and in the future," said Mark Sampson, National Sales and Marketing Manager.  

All KITO PWB promotion solutions need to meet KITO's high expectations. They must follow the KITO philosophy-to provide customers and end users with unparalleled satisfaction, while improving safety and productivity through first-class high-quality lifting and lifting solutions. All of this is supported by excellent customer service and support.   

For KITO PWB, the quality enhancer is defined as having three elements:  

One of KITO's most important goals is to protect the hardworking people who use its products. KITO products are carefully designed and designed with effective safety functions. KITO gourds can safely withstand harsh real-world conditions and stand the test of time.  

KITO hoist aims to improve productivity, provide efficient maintenance and management, and hopes to reduce the total cost of ownership during the entire life cycle of the hoist.   

KITO lifting hoists can provide years of trouble-free service. They are robust and can withstand harsh operating conditions. Even at full rated capacity, they can continue to operate well. Decades of professional engineering and on-the-job testing have provided the KITO team with industry-leading intelligence on how to build the world's strongest crane component by component.   

Glenn Morgan, National Hoist Business Manager, supports the quality and engineering design of KITO Hoist. "To be honest, there is no comparison in the market," he said.   

In order to support the KITO concept and provide unparalleled customer and end user satisfaction, KITO PWB has its own dedicated customized workshop at the Australian national headquarters in Victoria. This is supported by an expert team composed of crane technicians who provide customized lifting solutions not only for the Australian market but also for the Oceania region.   

KITO PWB unique assembly workshop  

The seminar aims to enable multiple technicians to work on multiple projects at the same time. From the design and manufacture of chain buckets, special load cells and displays, stroke limits, and the assembly of visual and audible alarms, remote control systems, tightly coupled trolleys, etc. Each item that passes through the assembly shop undergoes a comprehensive functional test in accordance with AS1418 before leaving the shop.   

No task is too big or too small. KITO PWB is committed to designing and providing cranes and related lifting solutions for all applications ranging from small to large complex challenges.  

Full range of custom gourds  

Tailor-made solutions make KITO engineers, well-trained electricians and well-trained assemblers excited about their working day. KITO PWB provides a full range of high-performance hoists with lifting capacities ranging from 60 kg to 50 tons, as well as related lifting equipment products, including: KITO electric hoists with trolleys, manual chain hoists, lever hoists, and special applications And low headroom hoists, pneumatic hoists and trolleys and more. KITO Crane Components found that their application was too important for the organization to produce any not-so-good products.  

Product support and after-sales service  

KITO PWB is confident and proud of the product quality and customized solutions they provide. Customers have KITO PWB's commitment to support the products they deliver through technical advice, spare parts procurement and training when needed.  

Please visit for more information, or call the KITO PWB sales team on 1300 792 262 to discuss your lifting requirements.  

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