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-November 23, 2021 at 6:00 AM Pacific Time

The founders of Arc may have started with rockets, but now they are beginning to get involved in high-power electric boats. A new financial commitment from a former Tesla executive means that their high-performance Arc One electric boat may soon appear on the waterfront near you.

Arc is quite new to the electric boating industry, only nine months old. But thanks to a successful seed round of financing, the company has started to run around and tested it on the startup’s first prototype ship (which obviously includes water skiing).

Now, Arc's stock price is even higher due to a new round of $30 million in Series A funding led by former Tesla executive Greg Reichow. Other existing Arc investors also contributed, including participation from Andreessen Horowitz, Lowercarbon Capital, and Abstract Ventures.

Before entering the field of venture capital, Greg served as vice president of operations and vice president of production for Tesla.

As Arc explained, Greg’s experience in bringing electric car products to the market is exactly what this young startup is looking for:

"Before joining Eclipse, Greg led most of Tesla’s early manufacturing, supply chain and automation work. He has accumulated extensive experience in the difficult transition from R&D to full production, which will help Arc accelerate in the coming year Its production speed. We are happy to welcome him and other members of the Eclipse team to join."

If the team can deliver on their production promise, the 24-foot (7.3 m) Arc One will be an impressive electric boat.

The aluminum Arc One is equipped with a 475 horsepower (354 kilowatts) motor and is said to have a top speed of 40 mph (34.8 knots).

It also contains a huge 200 kWh custom-designed battery divided into two large modules. This is enough to provide a claimed run time of three to five hours. Although there are so many batteries on the boat, I shudder at the thought of what a sticker shock on an electric boat like this would look like.

However, there is enough space on the boat for 10 people, and it may be worthwhile to go with a few friends.

Whether it's on an electric hydrofoil worth hundreds of thousands of dollars or just realizing my fantasy of a beach rescue team on an electric surfboard worth thousands of dollars, I want to start my electric water sports.

There are not many options in the electric water sports industry, so it is great to see new companies emerge. With this support and support, Arc seems to be on the right path.

Ever since I went to Stockholm to test Candela’s electric hydrofoil, I couldn’t help but feel that to make the electric boats have a longer range, the answer is to lift them out of the water. However, Arc's method of stuffing a pile of batteries there may also be effective.

For now, I think Arc is a company to watch. The rendering looks great, but if I can see one of their boats in the flesh at some point and test it spinning, then I will better understand whether I should start searching for cushions for spare change under the sofa .

Before that, check out the last electric boat I tested in the riding video below!

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