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2021-11-25 07:39:50 By : Ms. Candy Wu

Liebherr has partnered with Euroports Germany to provide a fully electric gantry crane next year. All crane movements of the groundbreaking machine will be carried out by emission-free electric motors.

Euroports Germany is the largest port handling company in the overseas port of Rostock and the entire Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The company is constantly responding to changing market conditions so that its customers can handle goods efficiently.

The company has previously invested in two Liebherr cranes for its general cargo terminal in the overseas port of Rostock. Two LHM 550 mobile port cranes are the backbone of wind turbine loading and unloading, which can increase the container loading and unloading volume brought by the New Silk Road.

The same increased bulk cargo volume prompted Euroports to put an LHM 280 into operation in a short period of time. In order to further increase the processing capacity and provide the necessary replacement for the two port cranes, another machine will strengthen the Euroports crane fleet. Liebherr will deliver an all-electric LPS 420 E to its neighbor in the overseas port of Rostock in 2022.

"We want to further enhance the handling performance of our bulk terminals. In the coming year, we will not only invest in new cranes to increase efficiency, but we also want to contribute to sustainable development," said Karsten Lentz MD, Euroports Germany Group.

"We chose the all-electric crane LPS 420 E. In the future, the crane will be used to handle all types of goods at the terminal. In addition to construction materials, it also includes ore, lime, gypsum, wood chips and many more."

All-electric gantry cranes are designed for ports and docks with electrical infrastructure. All crane movements, such as luffing, hoisting, slewing and walking movements, are carried out by non-emission electric motors, so they are not hydraulic.

The outreach range can reach 48 meters and can provide services for post-Panamax ships. The LPS 420 E has a maximum lifting capacity of up to 124 tons and has a number of decisive technical advantages.

The main components of the electric drive are cooled by liquid, and the heat is dissipated through a heat exchanger installed on the outside of the crane. An externally installed cooling device has advantages, especially in bulk transportation, as it will not bring air into the crane. This will minimize dust pollution.

The electrification of drives is reaching a new level, as is the maritime industry. Obviously, the focus has shifted to electric cranes. In addition to the increased demand for hybrid drive concepts consisting of diesel engines and electric motors, all-electric solutions have also received increasing attention.

Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock has sold several LPS 420 E all-electric gantry cranes to its international customers. The Euroports Germany unit is now the first unit on the European market.

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