Grant County Health Dept. Dr. Moore patients talk about experiences with accused OB/GYN

2023-02-22 05:38:50 By : Mr. Owen Liao

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Grant County Health Dept. Dr. Moore patients talk about experiences with accused OB/GYN

UPDATE (1/26/2023): The state medical licensing board unanimously decided to suspend Dr. David Moore’s license for 90 days.

MARION, Ind. — For the first time, former patients of a Marion doctor called “a danger to the public” have come forward about their experiences with him.

Dr. William David Moore, a Grant County OB/GYN, was legally challenged by the Indiana Attorney General’s Office last week as the office sought to remove his medical license following accusations of sexual assault from former patients.

Accusations against Dr. Moore included sexually assaulting patients during examinations and taking photographs of their private areas without consent.

One woman spoke with FOX59/CBS4 on Monday about her experience as a patient of Dr. Moore.

The woman was part of a group of patients who wanted to make their presence known as the Grant County Health Department met in executive session to start the process of finding a new leader.

A group of people, some wearing t-shirts showing their support for the patients of Dr. Moore, attended the meeting, which was held in the Grant County offices.

Just before the meeting started, one former patient of the accused doctor detailed her experience of having a breast exam.

“What he would do, the left side, he would do the arm back, he would feel around and then he would squeeze your nipple,” she said. “Not once, not twice, but enough that he would break everything up. It was very uncomfortable, there was eye contact.”

The woman said she has been a patient of Dr. Moore’s for over 20 years. She said the doctor had a good bedside manner but that for her last few appointments, she had her mother accompany her.

Even then, she said she felt what she went through was not right.

“After he would do a pap, he would remove the speculum and he would stand up in front of me and insert two fingers,” she said. “I always thought it was weird.”

One young woman, who was there to support her boyfriend’s mother, said she wanted these women to be heard and that she wants justice for them.

“I think what this man has done to them is repulsive and disgusting,” she said. “I don’t think he should have a medical license.”

Despite the group at Monday’s meeting, Dr. Moore is not without his supporters.

One woman, who showed up at the offices but did not attend the full meeting, said she has been a patient of Dr. Moore’s for 18 years and that she feels the criticism is unfair.

“He’s a very gentle man and I trust him. I trust him a lot,” she said. “I have no qualms about him at all.”

The Grant County Health Department is now looking to form a partnership with a nearby county’s health department to cover the responsibilities Dr. Moore has left behind in the wake of the accusations.

For a full breakdown of the AG’s report and accusations against Dr. Moore, click here.

Additional and prior reporting by Debby Knox and Matt Christy

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Grant County Health Dept. Dr. Moore patients talk about experiences with accused OB/GYN

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